Hi! 👋 I'm Candost

I used to think that reading would make me wise.

One day, ten pages before finishing a book, I realized that I had read that same book before. At that point, my perspective on reading and, therefore, my life had changed.

Now, I don't care how many books I read; I take many notes, connect dots, and share what I've found on my blog, my newsletter, and my podcast.

I'm interested in many things at the same time; I am a multipotentialite. So, you will find me trying to do many things. But I'm not a real multitasker. I am interested in many things, but I put them in order and execute them one by one.

I'm an engineering manager, software engineer, writer, and podcaster. Currently, this order represents my priorities.

I blog, host a podcast, send a newsletter, and mentor/coach people to share whatever I learn.

I work towards creating great and high-performing systems and teams whose members work in sync, have good communication, share common principles, and are aligned on the same goal.

I've worked with a lot of multicultural teams. I helped build high-performing teams and hired the best people suitable for the job.

I hike, snowboard, read, collect books, and play bass guitar.

A few sentences that describe me: I'm loyal. I care a lot about people. I'm direct, not shy. I am empathetic. I care about forming trust-based relationships. I try to be punctual for meetings. I was born and raised in Turkey.

I believe that teaching is the best way to grow. I helped many people to become better in both engineering and soft skills. I share my experiences and learnings on my blog, in my newsletter, and on Twitter @candosten.

I prefer async communication over sync communication. But I also understand the advantages of sync communication and would like to convert async to sync when it's necessary. If you want to contact me, write to me first instead of sending me a Calendly link.