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I am Candost Dağdeviren.

I am a passionate software developer. I use best coding practices while developing. I believe this is the best way to improve project quality and reduces potential bugs. I have the ability to work with agile methodologies. I’ve been working with iOS since 2014. Also, I’ve been working with Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, and Node.js to develop RESTful and GraphQL APIs since the beginning of 2016. This gave me a different point of view. On the other hand, I define myself as a life-long learner. I would like to improve myself and share my knowledge with everyone all the time. Especially, I always starve for any kind of information specified in mobile app development, machine and deep learning and artificial intelligence.

I worked in mobile banking company called Monitise for 1,5 years in Istanbul. I participated three projects which are IsCep, Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking App, and one internal project. IsCep is the mobile banking application of Turkey’s biggest private bank called Is Bank. In IsCep, we developed native iPhone application (version 3.0) from scratch a with team of four iOS developers, a UI/UX designer, two QA engineers and a project manager. Yapı Kredi Bank is one of the biggest private banks in Turkey. In Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking App project, we developed Turkey’s first Apple Watch banking application and improved design of iPhone application. In an internal project, I worked with people in different time zones. Created 11 mobile banking SDKs to improve banking app development in the United States.

Then, I moved to Hamburg.

I worked in cruise company called AIDA, the German branch of Costa Crociere for almost 6 months. I was responsible for backend API used in iOS and Android applications. I started to learn JavaScript and Node.js in here. I’m still quite new to backend side.

I’m currently working in website builder company called Jimdo in Hamburg. I’m responsible for iPhone and iPad applications and some backend services for our mobile apps. We’re a team of two iOS developers in Jimdo and we have four iOS apps (Creator, Live Chat, Analytics, Boost) on the App Store.

I’m also trying to create and collaborate some open source libraries on GitHub and help people on StackOverflow. You can access my bookmarks about Apple software development in here, about machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in here, about server-side development in here and general development in here.

I’m enthusiastic about theatre, museums, and art. I always try to take my seat in theatre plays. In Hamburg, it is a little bit hard. Because there are limited plays in English. But I haven’t missed one yet. I visit almost all museum when I visit a new city. I believe that museums reflect local lifestyle and opinions about life. Trying to see in their perspective gives more ability to understand them. Besides, I’m one of the impressionism fans. Even if I can’t remember all art pieces I’ve seen, I try to understand and see to underlying meaning. Understanding latest art pieces are becoming really hard for me in these days. Need to read more to understand them.

I write blog posts about life, software development, travel, theatre and other things that I like. I was running a series of blog posts for some time on Medium which summarizes technology and development weekly newsletters to share my knowledge on a weekly basis. I’ll return back to this blog post series in near future.

Currently, I’m the editor of two publications. The first one is Swift Post which focuses on Swift language and surrounding technologies, frameworks and tools. The second one is Developer Mind which is a publication from software developers where they can share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas.

In my daily life, I join several meetups. Here is the list of meetup groups that I participate regularly: CocoaHeads Hamburg, Swift Meetup Hamburg, Hamburg Improve Theatre Meetup, Hamburg Hikers, Hamburg Outdoor: Hike&Bike, HH.js, node.HH. I also like swimming and running.

You can contact me via e-mail.

More details about me:

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